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Nancy S Ryall, Medium

I was formally introduced to OMAR in 1977 by the great Spirit Artist Stan Matrunick. Stan had come to the Spiritualist church in Rockford, IL, The United Science Mission, as part of his ongoing world wide travels as a medium and spirit artist. Stan created this picture with his head turned toward me and his eyes completely closed during the entire process. While he drew he was giving me an evidential and prophetic reading the entire time. 

I began to attempt trance channeling in 2013 and I found it almost impossible to find a teacher. I worked on my own with very limited success. In 2015 I met Robin Hodson, President of the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) and a well known authority on trance, who was delivering a trance workshop for the NSAC Convention that year. He answered many questions and I knew immediately that he was a wealth of information and knowledge on trance. Just who I had been looking for! After working with Robin for a short time, OMAR made his first appearance. 

Omar began to come through with profound and beautiful philosophy and we began to keep track of what he said. With Robin's help I progressed as a trance medium and eventually Omar could open my eyes while I was in trance and give a talk with complete control as the speaker. Omar was just the first of several spirits who have spoken. Omar can be heard at Spiritualist Churches where I speak, at Trance Demonstrations, and on videos made available on Facebook and this website. I will always be profoundly grateful to Robin, the extraordinary teacher who was able to bring us Omar !

Meet Omar

OMAR is a spirit teacher who speaks through Nancy. He often will speak through her when she serves the platform at various Spiritualist Churches and has spoken at the Convention of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). OMAR is energetic and animated in his delivery. He usually opens the medium's eyes and walks to the platform when he is speaking. He has agreed to do some videos specifically for this website and Facebook for the purpose of introducing himself and hopefully giving some words that may be helpful to all of us. You can read about OMAR'S story below. Please enjoy his story and don't forget to take a listen to the video! Hear what OMAR has to say!

Omar in 1977

by Stan Matrunick Spirit Artist.

Why does a spirit teacher come through to us? Omar tells us why. Listen....