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The Different Types of Mediumship

Mediumship is the expression of the phenomena of Spiritualism and it may take a number of different forms. It is not just clairvoyance and psychic activity. For better understanding, the phases of mediumship are divided into two different general categories: Mental Mediumship and Physical Mediumship. "Readings" as we call them are part of Mental Mediumship which is more subjective in nature when compared to Physical Mediumship. This is because the communication is done through impressions made upon the mind of the medium while Physical Mediumship, on the other hand, is observable by the sitters in the room who use their own senses to experience and interpret the phenomena. In other words, it is something that everyone can experience. Mental Mediumship is more commonly seen in the United States, but both can be seen and practiced. 

Mental Mediumship    

Clairsentience , Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Trance, Spiritual Healing, Prophecy, Psychometry, Improvising Poetry, Inspirational Speaking, Spiritual Healing, Speaking in Tongues 

Physical Mediumship

Automatic Writing,   Drawing Blindfolded,   Apports,    Independent: Writing,    Independent Music   

Independent: Typewriting,      Independent: Voice

Independent: Telegraphy,      Levitation     Magnetic Healing

Table Tipping    Transfiguration   Luminous Appearances

 Planchette & other writing devices       Spirit Rappings

 Spirit Photography        Trumpet Speaking

 Spirit Materialization          Spirit Etherealization

 Writing in blood letters on skin

Unlock the secrets !

Many people are not aware that there is a distinct difference between a Psychic and a Medium. Both use some of the same abilities but the important distinction is that the Psychic is using their ability to read energy and the Medium is using their ability to communicate with spirits who have passed over to the other side. Psychics may use tools such as cards, crystals, tea leaves, numbers, and many other things. Mediums connect directly with a spirit. Any Medium can read as a Psychic, but not all Psychics can communicate as Mediums. It takes responsible guidance and education to perfect this ability. The study of mediumship may seem complex. That is because we are constantly learning and our knowledge base is growing every day. There is significant research being done today that is supporting and proving mediumship and the knowledge that life is continuous. Mediumship can and should be approached in a scientific manner. Nothing should be left to blind faith and you should never be asked to stifle your questions. 

How do you begin?

Find out why you are here! do we explore mediumship? There are several ways we can begin our own investigation into this fascinating world. Start with a private reading from a reputable medium. Just like anything else, there are those who are amazingly good at what they do and there are those who probably should be doing something else. Ask around, get advice from those who have had readings from more than one medium. Find one who has a reputation for being accurate and evidential. Or seek references from an organization such as the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) or the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF). 

Or,dive right in and take a class! There are many reputable classes on beginning mediumship and development. You can find a list of classes here that might be interesting to you. You can take them onsite if you live in the area or if you are in one of the towns we will be visiting soon. Or you can take them online! Don't hesitate to get involved and to start pursuing your own talents and gifts. Spirit is available to everyone! You don't need a medium to connect with them. You just need to want to connect and with a little guidance and help in sorting through the questions and uncertainties you will find yourself achieving success in no time!

Try a reading first. There is nothing like seeing the evidence for yourself! Remember that none of this should be taken on faith alone. Evidence is what is required to know that you are with a reputable medium. Once you have found someone you can have confidence and trust in you can find out for yourself what benefits can be had from an ongoing search for the spiritual self....find out who you are and what you are here for!

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