Spiritual Healing

What role does Spirituality take in health and healing? Is it possible that our beliefs can affect the outcome or prognosis of an illness? Can we facilitate feelings of peace, comfort, and pain relief through spirituality? Is it possible that there is more to healing and a healthy life than we have understood in the past? These are all questions that are worthy of exploration.

There are many different modalities of Spiritual Healing. Some deal with connecting with and channeling spirit entities outside of the self. Others are based on the conduction and use of energy to heal and realign our personal energy. Some require a hands on approach. Others can be done from a distance. In these pages, we will look at just a few methods. 

Laying on of Hands

Contact Healing is a term used for a type of healing where there is direct physical contact between the healer and the requesting person. This type of healing is often referred to as "The Laying on of Hands". The placement of hands has a definite goal and purpose. The hands of the healer will often change in temperature and be felt as very hot or cold. Their hands are often sensitive to areas of trouble within the body or a change in energy. Harry Edwards, perhaps the most famous spiritual healer of all times, felt that hands played an essential part in becoming aware of a person's specific problem area. 

Trance Healing occurs when the medium attunes to spirit and channels spirit teachers and healers to work on the individual. No physical touch needs to take place during trance healing. The medium goes into a deeper state of trance and acts as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical realm. 

Trance Healing

Distance Healing, also known as Absent Healing, sometimes takes place at great distances. There is no touching or hands on method involved. Distance Healing too has more than one modality. One method is for the medium to attune with spirit and then connect with the person desiring their help. Another method is called Distance Trance Healing. This is when a medium connects with spirit and healing guides and spirits are channeled to work directly on the person who is requesting healing. Edgar Cayce was perhaps the most famous distance trance healer of modern times. 

Healing is one of the most important phenomena of Spiritualism. It is through this function that we are able to facilitate the powers of Infinite Intelligence and Natural Law to aid those who are in need of intervention. Healing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to affect the physical being and release the potential of Spiritual power into the physical . There are a number of modalities in healing.

Spiritual Healing is a gift possessed by certain Spiritualist mediums, and this gift is exercised by and through the direction and influence of excarnate spiritual beings for the relief, cure, and healing of both mental and physical diseases of humanking. (NSAC Spiritualist Manual, 1980)

Spiritual Healing does not side step or negate Natural Law and Personal Responsibility.  We are active participants in healing. We cannot harm and destroy our bodies on a daily basis and then ask Spirit to continually bail us out of what we have brought to ourselves.  We must be aware that we are making a pact with Spirit to heal and bless our bodies....and then WE must heal and bless them as well by doing our best to treat them respectfully and nurture them with proper care. 

Animals and pets can benefit from Spiritual Healing as well. As a matter of fact, they often have amazing results. They are open to the loving and healing energies that mediums will offer them and they attune to this energy quickly. Some psychics and mediums specialize in treating animals with very good results. Some use psychic ability to attune with the animals and to discover difficulties or problems the animals are having that are not able to be conveyed in any other manner. 

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