Nancy S Ryall, Medium

Communication from Spirits beyond

 Welcome to LinkwithSPIRIT a website dedicated to Mediumship and spreading the knowledge that we never die! We welcome inquisitive minds in search of answers to the questions we all ask...Who are we? What happens when we die? Mediumship helps provide some provocative and surprising answers to those questions.  Answers obtained through communication with those who have passed to the other side. Evidential Mediumship offers proof and can provide comfort, healing, and most of those who have suffered loss. It provides answers to those who are looking for information about their own role in the universe.  In these pages you can explore Mediumship, Trance, Healing, Physical Mediumship, and more. You can take a class onsite or online. You can schedule a private reading, find out about current events, or further explore links to these subjects. Ask questions, discuss, debate. Join us in a quest to find answers and understanding that reaches from our world to the next!



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