Private Readings

Your reading is a personal and private experience. The goal is to connect you with a loved one, friend, or teacher from the other side. We will begin by taking a moment to center our energy and surrounding ourselves in light. Then we will bring forth spirit. 

Private readings can be done in my home, on the phone, via Skype or Google HangOuts. or Zoom.  Group readings can be done with special arrangements. If you would like to come to a "gallery type" reading, those are available periodically and can be found on the Events Page section of the website. If you are interested in a private reading, see instructions for contact below. Online scheduling will be coming soon!

How to Prepare

Spirits are always around you. The best way for you to prepare for your reading is to think about those spirits that you would like to communicate with. Talk to them. Bring them close to you. Tell them that you have chosen a time to work with a Medium and that you would like them to be there. 

In addition to thinking about them, sometimes  people like to bring objects that belonged to the loved one. While this is not necessary, it is perfectly fine if you wish to do that. It can sometimes assist by bringing their energy closer to you.   

Most of all, know that this is a loving and positive outreach to your loved one. Every effort will be made to bring them through to your satisfaction. In the instance that I can't read for you or there is a problem connecting and bringing spirit through ... you will not be charged for the reading. 

Group Readings

Group readings are available. We can accommodate family groupings and will adjust our price if you wish to have multiple family members read. This can be done individually or as a group. 

Parties or special occasions can be arranged by contacting me and discussing details regarding the number of people and the particulars of how you would like things done. 

Private "Gallery" type readings for large groups of people can also be arranged. We also will have periodic "Gallery" readings that are open to the public. These can be seen on the Calendar section of the webpage. 

Thanks! I will get back to you!