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Private Readings  

Individual private readings are available or readings for small family groups. Readings are usually 30 minutes in duration, however, they can be longer if desired. If you would like to schedule a reading, please go to the "About Private Readings" page and fill out the form on the page. I will contact you back immediately . You will also find further information there about readings that may be helpful in answering any questions. 


TRANCE WORKSHOP: A workshop designed to introduce trance to the new student as well as enhance the experience for those who have already worked with this amazing process  of  bringing Spirit through them.  There will be a theory based presentation followed by an opportunity for every student to get some practical experience as everyone is given time to practice within the cabinet and to explore the opportunities given them by Spirit in the realm of trance. The workshop generally is two days long, but can be tailored to your needs into a one day workshop.  

7TH PRINCIPLE MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP: This workshop uses the principles of Spiritualism, energy work,  and a process obtained through channeling from Nancy's spirit teachers Omar and Anna. The focus is to learn to use Natural Law and Energy work to bring manifestation into your world. Learn the steps to control your magnificent mind and to become the creator that you are meant to be. Learn how to help others achieve the same thing by working together and combining your powerful energy! This workshop is a minimum of 2 hours and may have a limited number of attendants for ease of hands on work. 

MEDITATION WORKSHOP: This is a workshop designed to introduce you to a number of different types of meditation that are used for different purposes. Mandala meditation and Candle meditation used to strengthen focus and help you disengage from the physical. Sound meditation through "OM" or "HU" used to take you away from the mind and bring you to cosmic consciousness. Chakra Healing Meditation to clearly open all power centers for healing. Guided Imagery Meditation which assists in connection with Spirit teachers and guides. Manifestation Meditation and Energy Meditation, Theory and practical use will be presented and students will partake in all or as many as time allows. Workshop is 4 hrs in length. It can be shortened to 2 hrs if desired, but not as many demonstrations can be done. 

MEDIUMSHIP WORKSHOP:  This workshop is for the beginner as well as those already working on the platform. It is intended to introduce as well as to strengthen the link with Spirit. Basic theory will be offered as well as practical exercises to sharpen skills and stretch even the experienced medium. This is designed for 

ENERGIZING YOUR CONGREGATION WITH MUSIC:  This workshop is designed to raise the energy level through music. If you are not prepared to get enthusiastic...this workshop is definitely NOT for you! Participants will learn how to "warm up" the voice and voice relaxation basics. Everyone will partake in vocal exercises to raise the energy. Then we will learn and sing some energetic songs designed to get you clapping and stomping your feet! Various small percussion instruments will be available for your use should you be moved to use them. Guitar and tapes will be used for accompaniment. Workshop is a 2 hr workshop. 


TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP DEMONSTRATION:  I will give you a demonstration of trance mediumship by bringing through a Spirit Teacher to speak with those in attendance. Usually he or she speaks philosophically often with much spiritual information and insight. There is an opportunity for questions from the audience to be answered by the Spirit Teacher. This is usually about an hour and a half in length, but can go longer.  

MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP DEMONSTRATION: I will give a demonstration of mental mediumship and linking with spirit. I can't guarantee that everyone will get a reading, but my hope is that everyone who attends will be impacted by the connecting and linking with Spirit that is demonstrated. The hope is that everyone will be touched in some way and feel closer to Spirit by the evidence that is offered. This is usually an hour to an hour and a half in length. 

AN EVENING OF INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC:   My husband Gary and I will offer you an evening of music meant to inspire you. Gary and I both play acoustic guitar and sometimes accompany with mandolin, banjo, and other instruments. We have strong vocal harmony built from years of singing together. Our music consists of meaningful songs we have learned over the years and some original spiritual music that was published years ago. Join us for an hour or so of singing and fun!

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